Have you ever heard the phrase ‘computers don’t make mistakes’?

Well, that theory will be put to the test between now and May! A computer called SAM (Sport Analytics Machine) has been making the headlines in England recently after making some bold football predictions.

The machine, which has been developed by statisticians, has forecast the result of every single Premier League game between now and May and therefore picked a title winner.

So, has the computer predicted glory for Liverpool and who will be relegated? Before we find out, let’s learn a little bit more about SAM

who is sam?

Who is SAM?

SAM is a super computer built by stats boffins at the University of Salford in Greater Manchester. It predicts the results of Premier League football matches based on factors such as recent results, which team is at home, the strength of teams that both sides have played and the form of the players involved.

SAM is also used to predict the outcome of tennis, cricket and rugby matches.


Who created SAM?


Who created SAM?


SAM was created by Professor Ian McHale (pictured above) and Tarak Kharrat, both of the University of Salford. It took them nearly four years to build and develop SAM and Ian Mchale has confidence in his machine! He said:

“SAM is looking really good at the moment, our tests have shown that it will probably out-perform football experts in predicating matches.”


Can SAM be trusted?


Can SAM be trusted?

Well, SAM has a proven track record in being pretty reliable when it comes to predicting football matches. In 2015, SAM finished top of a prediction league featuring expert pundits.
When SAM was asked to predict the outcome of Swansea vs. West Brom in 2015, it correctly guessed 1-0 to the home side!

Who does SAM think will be relegated?

Who does SAM think will be relegated?

Well, It’s bad news for Sunderland, Hull City and Swansea City fans! SAM thinks the current bottom three will stay how it is, with Crystal Palace avoiding the drop by just three points.

SAM thinks Hull will finish rock bottom, more than 11 points off safety


United and Arsenal will finish outside of the top four


SAM predicts that both Arsenal and Manchester United will finish OUTSIDE of the top four, in 5th and 6th position respectively. It has Manchester City to finish 4th just ahead of the Gunners.

Defending Champions, Leicester City, are predicted to finish in 10th position.

League win for Liverpool?

League win for Liverpool?

SAM has dealt a big blow to Liverpool fans by predicting they won’t win the title this season. In fact, it thinks the Reds will finish outside the top two.

The computer thinks Tottenham will claim the runner-up spot, 1 point ahead of Liverpool.


And the winners are…


You don’t have to be a genius to work out SAM’s predication for the title… It’s Chelsea!
Antonio Conte’s men are tipped to win the league by a massive seven points according to SAM. It calculates Chelsea to have a 64% probability of winning the title.

Remember this guy?!


Remember this guy?!


Before SAM was created, there was another famous predictor making the headlines. Not a computer but a German Octopus!

During the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, Paul successfully predicted the outcome of ALL seven of Germany’s games.  He did this by successfully choosing a mussel from one of two boxes showing the flags of the countries involved.

Sadly, Paul passed away later in 2010 but his legend will live on forever!


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