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On this page you will find all the information needed to advertise on Horus Habari.

Who We Are and What We Do?

Horus Habari was started years ago and since then it has become a popular place for large group of web enthusiasts to learn and explore knowledge pertaining to a wide range of topics. Over the years this blog has grown significantly in terms of web traffic and has many followers on popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. The following are some of the prime topics focused on this website:
Tech (up to date) news
tech articles
poetry and art
pitch startups
dark secrets
Computer Tips, Mobile Tips and Hacks
Blogging and SEO
…and many other topics

Our Traffic Stats

Daily Visits: 6,000+
Daily Pageviews: 12,000+
Monthly Visitors: 4,50,000+
Monthly Pageviews: 7,00,000+

Advertising Opportunities

At Horus Habari, we only accept partners who meet our standards and offer the following advertising channels:

Sponsored Review

We advertise all forms of business but if your business falls into any of the above mentioned topics we can offer you a detailed sponsored review containing well articulated information related to your product/service. You can either choose to get your review article written by our expert writers or provide your own content to be posted. For more details and pricing information you can get in touch with us from the who we are page on our website .

Display Ads

The available slots for display advertising is as follows:

300×250 Sidebar (above the fold): #15,000/month + weekly sponsored post
468×60 after the post: #10,000/month + weekly sponsored post
Contests and Custom Requirements

If you are looking to promote a giveaway contest or have custom advertising needs you can contact us to get a custom quote for the same.

Payment Modes

We accept PayPal or Direct Bank Transfer.