Digital Transformation- an experience that can go wrong!!

Customer experience has always been a priority metric for IT service companies. The new age technology esp in Mobility, Cloud, Big Data- Analytics, Social, Sensors, IOT etc. have made it plausible as never before in the history of Industrialization to provide customer and their end customers, an experience of great service and solutions .

Still there are failures and reasons for the same are not to do much with technology alone. Technology is a tool to implement the service solution (as fire is to cooking).

The prime reasons for failure to provide customer experience are the following:

  1. Inadequate understanding of the customer expectation

Most of the sales/consultants jump to provide solution to the customers without clearly understanding the customer pain points and prime motivation of asking for help. Couple of questions and they straight away are eager to provide the solution. Inadequate understanding of the problem provides further weak problem statement to solution architects. The new age Digital Solution demands heavy investment in understanding the problem.

2.Digital Solution design

A poor solution design is a result of too many assumptions, some of which are very fatal to solution itself from the customer acceptability standpoint. A crystal clear alignment of solution design to the requirements and validation of the digital architecture to ensure that all the stated and unstated needs and objective of the customer is met should be the prime consideration while designing. At this point, the compatibility of various components of the new age Digital technologies is also a very important factor to be considered by the architect or the designer. Keep talking to the customer-this is not an individual contributor activity !!

3.Execution of the Design

Even if the design is superb, the customer experience may still suffer if the implementation was not up to the mark. New technology demands new skills- is the expertise good enough to provide the solution? Is the team implementing the solution display customer centricity and understands the desired impact of their solution? How is the customer involved with them, what are the communication channels with stakeholders- a lot of delivery excellence aspects come into play.

4.Overpromise of technology capability and offerings

Too much of overselling and promises of accelerators, IPs, hyped capabilities of technology , lack of customer education to manage their expectations- give-takes in solution requirements etc  leads to disappointments in service and solution. Also, Digital technology is in continuous evolution state- there are pros-cons associated with so marketed ‘wonder’ components that need to be understood and educated to the customer.


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