iPhone 8: The 3 most exciting changes you can expect

Classic Apple. The iPhone 7 is barely out of its package yet, and the iPhone 8 is already on everyone’s mind.

You can have a TV in your pocket

Apple is switching from Retina HD Display (LCD) to OLED, which is better in almost every way. OLED is all the hype in TVs right now, so you will basically have a 6-inch flat screen in your pocket.

OLEDs give you a much wider range of colors and the contrast is starker because they simply “turn-off” the pixels that display black (instead of LCDs which dim them). In other words, every single black pellet on the turf of Super Bowl LI will be noticeable.

Not to mention, OLED saves power, so you won’t be stuck in the waiting room at the doctor’s office with a dead-phone.

There’s also a design overhaul

It is evident that Jony Ive, the lead designer at Apple, is one of the best designers to grace this planet and he is coming to us with the ultimate minimalist design.

Ideally, the iPhone 8 will be bezel-free, meaning there won’t be a groove where the screen meets the casing and the OLED screen will nearly reach the limits of the phone (minimal black border).

Along with that, Jony not only got tired of the headphone jack, but he decided they don’t need a home button anymore…just screen. I think he wants us to confuse screen with reality and to convey that the boundaries of the iPhone 8 are seemingly endless (like the tablets in Westworld).

So, what does this design mean for Touch ID

Well, we can still expect Touch ID to work (that’s the fingerprint scanner in non-Apple terms), but there’s an even better security mechanism they plan to introduce…

Facial recognition.

Yep, they decided to bypass the iris scans in Minority Report, and take the whole cake. Australia recently replaced passports with facial recognition, so it seems like the trend in security is going towards facial scans.

Of course, you can still use the Touch ID and password as well, but wouldn’t it be cool to have all three going at once?! Your own Fort Knox security system.

Once the iPhone has perfected facial recognition, I wouldn’t be surprised if they did away with the power button, since the phone would just unlock once it detected you were looking at it (scary).

I’m guessing you are wondering how we know this

These predictions come to us from KGI Securities analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo. He’s been referred to as “the most accurate Apple analyst in the world” by Business Insider, and the “most reliable industry watcher on the planet when it comes to Apple” by BGR.

A quick look at his track record will have you saying the same things. In all honesty, people speculate he has a few contacts at Apple’s factories or on their business development team…which is probably the case.

But, it’s more fun to believe that he holds the key to the Apple prophecy and is releasing info little-by-little. Either way, I trust what he is saying and am looking forward to the iPhone 8.

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