Lead off Profile : Gofixam — order home appliance repairs from the comfort of your home

Gofixam is a fix-on-demand web app that allows users to book the repair of their electronic appliances from the comfort of their homes.

The online electronic repair store was founded by a team of 3 members — Agomuo David (CEO), Opara Ifeanyi Christian (CTO), Hillary Nnamdi Evans (CWO) — on the 12th of January 2016 to serve as the go-to place for repairing all things electronic.

“Users simply login, fill and submit a request containing details of their device as well as their preferred location,” Opara Ifeanyi explains.

Upon confirmation of the request by team Gofixam, a pickup is scheduled, the device is picked up, fixed and delivered to the user at a ‘pocket-friendly price’.

“Our team of technicians fix the devices and they are returned to the users within 48 hours,” Opara further clarifies.


The idea of having one’s electronic devices fixed without leaving their home is indeed awesome. But providing pick up services and last mile delivery often comes with a great deal of cost on the part of the service providers. So unless Gofixam has some deep pockets which, as its history with bootstrapping suggests, may not be the case, it may run into some challenges.

This fact perhaps explains why operations are currently limited to just within Imo state. Possibly, with proper executive strategy and a little cash injection, Gofixam’s founders could consider expanding scope to other Eastern territories, and then scale beyond gradually.

What are your thoughts on Gofixam? Checkout the website.

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