Lead off Profile: Greymate Care — request in-home caregivers for the ageing and disabled

Greymate Care was launched by Chika Maduboko on the 1st of October, 2016 to be the “ace provider of in-home care services to some certain underprivileged Nigerians”.

As an online platform, Greymate Care looks to improve the lives of the vulnerable, disabled and elderly (or their off spring) by making it possible hire a carer, doctor or a nurse by the click of a button.

greymate care homepage

Greymate Care provides professional assistants to offer 24/7 companionship and personal assistance where it is required. Services include, but are not limited to, daily living activities such as bathing, dressing, incontinence care, washing, meal preparation, overseeing home deliveries, running light errands, and just simply engaging patients in conversation.

According to Chika, in delivering the services, these personal assistants leverage state-of-the-art infrastructure — such as patient hoist and rota stands amongst others — as opposed to manual methods of moving and handling. Also, Greymate Care uses GPS tags to monitor the personal assistant as a means of carrying out extensive background checks.


The advantages of high-tech equipment in any area of health care delivery cannot be overemphasised. Seeing that Greymate Care adopts technology in its process, there’s no doubt it is laudable a move. Not to even mention that they are geared towards making life easy for the elderly and disabled.

So in possibly identifying with this niche, Greymate Care may as well be opening our eye to the opportunities that are inherent in this market. Perhaps there’s an urgent need to pay attention to this particular demography and Greymate Care is just showing us how.

Visit the website to learn more on how it works

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