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Heard about Next2You ?

Next2You is an Abuja-based startup that offers a free platform where professional service providers in Abuja can offer their services to locals who need them.

The idea is to provide an easier route to reach a large number of clients, thus increasing client base and profit. The founder, Ibezim Chike was prompt to spot a problem —  adverts/write-ups of skilled service providers, badly written on the walls of buildings —  and leveraged on this to provide a possible solution. Hence, in March, last year he launched Next2You as the solution.

According to Chike, the platform’s directory of over 300 professionals, ranging from nursing to teaching, carpentry and so on, can connect you to the nearest affordable service providers ‘at a speed dial’.

Chike emphasises that Next2You not only allows for easy accessibility to affordable services but, thanks to integration with Google maps, locations are also broken down into small neighbourhood units. This aids precision and accelerates connectivity between clients and professionals. Asides these, the cost expended by remotely searching for such services (especially for people who are new to the environment) is saved.


Although Next2You looks promising, aspiring to be the leading platform of such in its locale might be quite tough, especially because there was no mention of a revenue model. But one thing we have learnt over time is that impossible is nothing.

So, if you are new to Abuja environs or going there soon, Next2You might just make things easier for you. You could follow up by checking out their website.

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