Life Lessons on being a wonderful Human Being – J.K.Rowling

First of all, I am not a fan of Harry Potter. I have tried reading one or two books. Have not completed them. They are OK but so far, cannot relate to them…maybe its just me…my kid is a big fan, so are tons of kids around the world…and for that matter so many grown-ups are too….

But I am a very big fan of J.K.Rowling after I read articles about the way she has lived her life and also listening to her graduation address, and thought of writing this blog. I will possibly just highlight a few life instances that impressed me. Since it will be impossible to cover all aspects, will intersperse this blog with a few of her quotes, which by themselves will help us understand the greatness of the person.

First, for a person to reach rock-bottom and persist until they recover needs grit, tenacity, belief, persistence.. and whatever else is correlated to these. Not many people can do this. Later in this blog, will reference the articles and the graduation lecture where she talks about it in great detail. For anyone to do this and come out and reach the level she has done needs a big salute.

Secondly, once she became popular and well-known, she did not forget what she went through and decided to do a lot of charity to the needy outside apart from her own foundation. This also needs a big heart, a very big one. It is very easy to shine in the publicity, enjoy the luxuries after having undergone years of poverty but she managed to do it. Not just that…She did so much charity that cost her BILLIONNAIRE status and she became a MILLIONNAIRE. How many people would do that ? This article talks about her losing the status, that was a combination of high British taxes as well as her charitable giving (mentions $160 million in charity from $1 billion estimated wealth – a lot of money indeed)

A third incident is the willingness to test out, to experiment writing something in the peak of fame under a false different name…This time it was a crime novel “Cuckoo’s calling” in the name of Robert Galbraith. She said it was a liberating experience for her to do this. This is understandable and she wanted to try out something different and not be caught in the brand/fame that Harry Potter gave her. Although she tried keeping it a secret, it was discovered soon. But anyways it was a risk/laudable attempt – trying something new, taking risks (in one sense it is easy to take risks when there is nothing to lose, but when one is at the peak of fame, to attempt such a thing needs true guts and a do not care attitude for the external success).

Lastly, but possibly the most important is the fact that she did not hide anything, was not embarrassed to share her failings early in life, the difficult moments. Once fame comes, one can make it look easy, modify/spin a story to make it look good. But she chose to share the truth with the world in many instances, most notably in this famous graduation speech at Harvard

Possibly there are many more aspects/life incidents that one can learn from but even these hopefully give us an inkling into the person she is. Tribute and respect to yet another wonderful human being from whose life, a lot of lessons can be learnt. To conclude, here is yet another quote from her.




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