It’s bristling trying to think how a woman who couldn’t match up the strength of the midnight candle to illuminate the ink on paper

Who got deafened to the noises of too many other kids dancing to the ringing bells

Survived through the wreckage by seeing hope in it .

She as a man saw life as work in progress

Studied the patterns and worked it better 

driven, but patient

down to earth with ambitious dreams,

lovable and a little bit cocky,

smart, wildly optimistic .            

she saw things differently with the gift of not being normal 

She told me the language of her love starts with ” ME ” .

She tried to teach me but my mistakes left bruises on her heart

With this little piece I want to heal your heart 

Let every eyes that look on these words know

You’re special to me

The glow on your face brightens my day 

Mami !, 

you’ll walk on gold .

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