Ransomware Threat hitting Critical Period

At a time when the FBI are in the news in the U.S., there’s been a massive cyber-attack that’s already hit 100+ countries, and it’s still spreading.

Read on.

All this and the viral cyber attack appears to be due to the use of NSA exploits.

American security seems to be at an all-time low, and the entire world is feeling the pain. Especially Britain’s National Health Service, where the consequences were so massive; they at first believed they had been specifically targeted.

It’s being called the worst ever ransomware exploit; where it ransoms your data and asks for a $300-600 payment in Bitcoin.

For those late to patch their zero day exploits, this means collective havoc #WannaCry.

So who has been affected?

  • UK’s national health service
  • French car-makers
  • Russian Banks
  • German railways

Each orange dot is a unique infection by WannaCrypt ransomware as recorded by MalwareTech.com

Cyber Security Getting more Serious

The “ransomware” virus is hitting public and private organizations across the globe. In an era of IoT ddos attacks, corporate espionage, propaganda hacking (fake news) and now this; it’s clearer than ever cyber security is a major global tech issue.

Atom Bomb for Ransomware is So Bad It’s Funny

The age of IoT could get a lot more dangerous; not being vigilant with security updates could cost you! #WannaCry

  • Important to make sure your Enterprise systems and Windows has done the patch: Microsoft Security Bulletin MS17-010, released March 14, 2017
  • Infected systems are believed to be 130,000 already and counting.
  • While it’s spreading in Europe; it’s unclear how severe this could hit the U.S.
  • Banks, telephone companies and hospitals appear to be significantly vulnerable.
  • While the UK Hospital crisis grabs headlines; this has hit thousands of computers across China, Russia, Spain, Italy and Vietnam already.
  • Security experts claim top targets appear to be Russia, Ukraine and Taiwan.
  • WannaCry attackers are leveraging the Windows exploit harvested from the NSA called #EternalBlue.

Luckily Microsoft doesn’t want to let us cry #MSFTpatch


                      What concerns you the most about this viral ransomeware attack?

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