Startup Profile: Nickzom Calculator — solve mathematical problems and show workings

Nickzom Calculator is a sub product of the Nickzom Empire. Available as a web and mobile application, Nickzom allows users to solve mathematical problems and display steps to the solution. The product is named after Idoko Nicholas Chinazom, the founder.

The platform has been in existence since 2013, having launched on the 2nd of December, but has taken a more serious approach recently.

Nickzom Calculator website

How Nickzom Calculator works

Users can click on topics of interest, input their parameters, and hit enter. Nickzom Calculator immediately displays the steps on how the problem was solved till the final answer, with appropriate explanations at each point.

Nickzom Calculator covers problems ranging from Mathematics, Physics, Engineering and Switches (Conversions). It allows comes with a sub-platform that allows secondary and tertiary students to post and answer assignments. It also has an instant messaging feature that enables users to communicate with each other.


While Nickzom calculator seems tailored to the needs of students within a learning environment, it is also important to point out that its usefulness extends beyond that. This is why the application makes a lot of sense on various fronts.

But one can’t help but wonder whether it’s usefulness won’t be taken for granted by students, by essentially giving room for laziness. Outside of this, it would indeed be interesting to see how the market reacts to a product like this.

Ready to make your calculation process easier? Then visit the website.

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