Startup Profile: techAboki — hire reliable gadget technicians in your locality

TechAboki is the brainchild of George Alonge. It is an on demand gadget repair service aimed at connecting people needing repair services with trusted technicians in their neighbourhood. The founder has with him Jimoh Dele as Business Developer and Jossy Onwude as Business Adviser.

According to George, technicians listed on the platform will have undergone a test for trustworthiness by techAbokki. For busy professionals, techAboki will offer pickup and delivery services to clients.

How techAboki works

techAboki - gadget repairs

Clients book for a gadget fix on the website or via the mobile app. After which clients will get a quote for their fix. Then, they proceed to either pay online for this services or opt in for the pay on delivery option if service proves satisfactory.

Goerge founded techAboki on these premises. First, he observed that one of Africa’s biggest problem, which is poor maintenance culture, has rubbed off on gadgets. As a result, many people stack up spoilt gadgets and consistently buy new ones to replace. Whereas, a lot of money could be saved if they opted for maintenance or repairs.

The fear of road-side gadget technicians is another factor that inspired techAboki. Many people find it difficult to entrust their gadgets to random technicians due to some unpleasant experiences. Chief among them are confidentiality violation and low quality of service. techAboki aims to correct this by becoming a trustworthy platform and building a reliable service both to the customers and the technicians.

The startup banks on convenience, affordability (discount on fixes book via the platform) and low risks (refund when necessary) as their selling edge. According to George, their revenue model will be 15% charge off the cost of every successfully repairs. This is beside parts replacement costs.

TechAboki will launch on July 15, 2017. In the meantime, you may check out the website.

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