Tip ; 10 Information Technology Jobs To Consider

Information technology is growing rapidly and so is the need for highly skilled individuals to be a part of this revolution. A couple of years ago, a career in IT was regarded as one for geeks but all of that has changed. Technology plays a significant role in economic growth whilst tackling social issues by providing solutions to everyday challenges.

A study conducted by PayScale has listed mobile application development as the number one career option in the IT industry. The study surveyed 450 000 professionals on quality-of-life factors and considered factors such as income and the overall availability of tech jobs.

10. IT Business Analyst
Median Income: $83 000
Max Income: $117 000
10 year career growth: 21%
With a goal to improve the efficiency of a company’s IT systems, an IT business analyst works with the finance department to calculate the return on investment of new vs. old technology for instance. IT business analysts also advise companies software purchases.

9. IT Training specialist
Median Income: $67 400
Max Income: $105 000
10 year career growth: 8%
IT training specialists are responsible for getting employees up to speed on software, apps and other work tools. They create courses for staffers, evaluate existing training programs
and update the offerings as technology changes.

8. Video Game designer
Median Income: $ 81 600
Max Income: $ 147 00
10 year career growth: 13%
The creative force behind video games, these designers come up with a concept, then lead a team of developers and designers to bring it to life. They also oversee extensive testing of the game to find bugs or other issues before bringing it to market.

7. E-Learning specialist
Median Income: $64 900
Max Income: $101 000
10 year career growth: 8%
As large companies and universities embrace online employee development, they’re hiring e-learning specialists to oversee the programming. Members of the human resources department, e-learning specialists design, implement, and roll out online training programs for staffers, and regularly update existing courses.

6. Information Technology Operations Manager
Median Income: $97 200
Max income: $137 000
10 year career growth: 15%
These managers make sure a company’s IT systems are up and running for all day-to-day activities. They assemble and lead a team with top-notch trouble-shooting skills to tackle any tech issues that arise.

5. Webmaster
Median Income: $61 200
Max Income: $82 100
10 year career growth: 27%
Webmasters are responsible for managing and maintaining a company’s Web site. This involves building templates, updating features, fixing bugs, working with designers and developers, and sometimes overseeing content as well.

4. Information Technology Director
Median Income: $128 000
Max Income: $189 000
10 year career growth: 15%
IT directors get to work with people at many different levels of the organization and put lots of different skills to work. They head the organisation’s IT department. Part of their job description is to make sure that the company’s technology is working to support its goals. They have budget-level authority to make IT purchasing and development decisions in line with that strategy.

3. Database Analyst
Median Income: $ 70 100
Max Income: $101 00
10 year career growth: 11%
Data has become an increasingly valuable commodity for companies in all industries. That’s why database analysts, who look for ways to extract intelligence from the numbers, are in demand. Data analysts maintain data storage and access by designing physical databases.

2. Information Assurance Analyst
Median Income: $98 900
Max Income: $127 000
10 year career growth: 18%
Information assurance analyst protect the security of an organization’s hardware and software systems. Information assurance analysts also assess current systems and threats and spearhead the response to any breaches or attacks. Their job is to identify current risks associated with software and hardware systems. They work with other security experts and employees to ensure the safety of both customer information and internal employees.

1. Mobile Application Developer
Median Income: $97 100
Max Income: $133 000
10 year career growth: 19%
Mobile app developers are the first to test out the latest phones, tablets, and wearable devices. Application developers often have the duty of creating, maintaining and implementing the source code that makes up an application or program. Application developers may also be responsible for designing the prototype application, indicate program unit structure, and coordinate application plans with the development team or client.

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