Steve Jobs wore jeans, black turtleneck and sneakers on most working days. Mark Zuckerberg prefers going to office in his jeans,T-shirt, and a hoodie sweat shirt. Tom Wolfe never gets bored of his white suits. Do you see a pattern here? All are successful in their own fields and have one unique outfit that they don to work ever day.

There are many more examples of successful techies  who follow this unique fashion model. The big question, however, is that in spite of having enough money why do they prefer this capsule wardrobe approach to their clothes?

1. It makes their life simple.

It wouldn’t be too wrong to say that most of our wardrobes are overflowing with clothes we hardly wear. The clutter of clothes tend to break open huge decision-making complications every morning before going to work — what to wear for the meeting? Does red chinos go with the blue shirt? Will the shoe match my jeans?

As for successful people, they can’t afford to invest so much energy and time in making such trivial decisions. So they have a minimal approach to their fashion. This make their life simple.

2. They have other important things to do.

Mark Zuckerberg is possessed by Facebook 24/7. His mind is constantly fizzing and whirring with ideas to make his company grow further —how can Facebook solve problems of poverty? how can the platform become more user-friendly? Can Facebook help elect governments?

Mark is always exploring, thinking and ideating. He is also digging out and solving problems that are cropping up every day at work. People like him have made their priorities clear — first work, then everything. So it only makes more sense for them to stick to one outfit at work every day.

3. They choose comfort when it comes to fashion.

Trying new clothes requires one to have a fashion sense, which can only be developed by experimenting with different outfits to know what’s unique and in sync with your style. For this, sometimes, you may even have to wear things that don’t seem quite comfortable initially.

For instance, unless you don’t wear a khaki, you wouldn’t know if that suits you. But successful people, unlike most people, are busy most of the time. The already have a bunch of uncomfortable work-related things to handle every day. So they make sure at least what they wear is comfortable to them.

4. They do personal branding.

When you wear one unique outfit every day, your style becomes iconic.

Take Bill Gates for instance. He prefers wearing the same suit to work every day. Today if someone asks you to imagine him, you immediately picture him wearing his signature grey or blue suit. Why? Because, knowingly or unknowing, he has branded himself with a unique outfit that compliments his style and blends his personality and profession

5. It boosts their confidence.

Wearing the same unique outfit every day instills successful people with confidence. They believe that being in their unique attire gives them noticeable personality wherever they go. This is precisely why even Steve Jobs launched most of his products wearing his black turtleneck.

When people start recognizing them in their iconic dressing style, they become confident about putting their views forward. Their unique dressing style also reminds them of their true values and principles which keeps them true to their integrity, and thereby, helps them take better decisions.

6. To become more productive.

Success depends on a lot of factors of which one of the main is time. Successful people in general value time. They view time as currency. So anything that seems like a waste of time to them, they take it out of their plan.

This is why most of them don’t indulge in exploring clothes too much. They prefer using that time in getting more things done. President Obama has somewhat the same logic. He says:

“You’ll see I wear only gray or blue suits.I’m trying to pare down decisions. I don’t want to make decisions about what I’m eating or wearing. Because I have too many other decisions to make.”

Clearly, most successful people like Obama believe that to become more productive at work it’s for them important to get involved in those decisions that value the work you do. So don’t give much priority to the rest of the decisions.


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